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The Most Common Living Room Home Interior Design Mistakes

living room furniture with large curtains

When talking with professional interior designers about the most common mistakes that homeowners make with living room home interior design, sometimes these are just small details that escape the owner’s eye. And even if they have seen this small detailed mistake, they don’t know that it’s an actual mistake!

Selecting or keeping the wrong sofa

A great living room starts with a great sofa. But sometimes the owners redecorate or plan out a living room with good taste but don’t want to replace the sofa because it’s not old, or they simply buy the wrong sofa. 

Hanging art incorrectly

Art that is hung the wrong way on a wall is not only glaring but will be noticed at once by your visitors. It might not ruin the artistic experience, but it can be terribly distracting. Find a wall or painting app online that can help you visualise where and how to hang potential art of various sizes.

Take note of furniture heights

Whether you are combining periods and styles or sticking to a single one, pay attention to furniture heights because new and vintage elements tend to have mixed heights and sizes. But most often, traditional furniture tends to be much higher than modern pieces.

Overlooking smaller items

Some homeowners just make the mistake of decorating and making their living room look like a store. After large items are arranged or attached, leave adequate spacing in the room for lighting, textiles, and accessories. Small items and decorations are what give personality. Light the living room with low lighting rather than with overheads. Floor and table lamps are the best.

Getting a disproportionate coffee table

Don’t just choose a coffee table on a whim because it looks nice. Let the functionality of the living room design dictate the material, height, length, and clearance space of your living room. Should your coffee table be kid-friendly or for entertainment purposes?

Six Star Designs

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