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The Interior Design Trends that Will Soon Take Over in 2022

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As 2022 is just starting, global interior designers and home editors are analysing and predicting the top interior design trends that can be expected for the rest of the year. One determining factor is that people will still spend more time at home even if semblances of normalcy are returning at workplaces. 

So, what’s ahead in 2022 for interior design trends? Take a look here and give your home a serious makeover.

Nature-inspired surfaces and decors

Staying and working mostly at home for more than 2 years, there will be a continuing focus on connecting to the natural world. The emphasis will be on creating calming room environments using visual connections to nature, indoor plants, natural lighting and ventilation, and a focus on earth colours such as green and brown shades. 

Bold patterns and colours

Expect to see more bold colours and patterns similar to those that came out in the 1960s and 70s. This includes all shades of green in the continuance of bringing the natural world into interior designs. 

3D Art

There will be a push and demand for 3D artists in 2022, especially those who can paint intricate 3D art and designs on flat walls and even floors. This is again part of the factor wherein people are spending more time indoors. Most of this art finds its fun as it pops out of floors and walls and can be creative in different ways.

Curved and sculptural furniture

Curved and sculptured furniture is subconsciously felt as safe, friendly, and welcoming. The curving forms will have everyone feeling precious. The softer shapes and angles will be a big trend in 2022 as well as for architecture.

Dual-purpose rooms

As the pandemic continues with no real end in sight, living spaces are now doubling as workrooms. The kitchen also doubles as a conference room, with the long dining table serving as the boardroom/classroom table. Rooms can be designed or renovated to serve double purposes. Dining room walls can be fitted with shelves for wine or books. Rooms can be fitted with work desks or exercise equipment.

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