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Six Star Designs: Concrete Kitchen Ideas for Benchtops, Countertops, and Islands

black and grey concrete kitchen interiors

Concrete and some Six Star Designs and ideas can give you complete creative freedom to improve your benchtops, countertops, and islands, and bring aesthetic style to your dream kitchen. And if you’re still in doubt about using material that is usually used for pavements, modern concrete surfaces in kitchens are now at par with premium materials like granite, marble, and steel.

Advantages of using concrete in kitchens

  • Concrete in kitchens works out significantly cheaper because they take longer to replace or renovate.
  • Smooth concrete surfaces will stand the test of time if cared for properly.
  • It is a unique look that can be stunning, even in minimalist kitchens.
  • Concrete allows you to make customised bench/countertops of any size.
  • Any design can be accommodated so long as the mould can be formed.
  • It has the potential to create other designs with the addition of other materials like glass, stones, or adding more colour.
  • Concrete is unaffected by heat and is scratch resistant.
  • It can even be used to create an outdoor kitchen.
  • Concrete is versatile and can be paired with stainless steel appliances, wood finishes, general décor, and any type of flooring.

Transforming other materials

You can transform or renovate your kitchen from its present materials into concrete designs. For instance, you can transform old laminate countertops into beautiful concrete ones. Before applying the cement, you can rough up the laminate surface and then thoroughly clean it so the concrete will stick. The cement is applied while taking note of gouges and ridges that need fixing. You will need to spend some seven hours sanding to get an attractive smooth finish.

When renovating old counter/benchtops with the idea to use glass, you can use zero VOC concrete paint on sanded concrete surfaces, and then use recycled coloured glass for specific areas.

You can build a sturdy island countertop by using strong recycled lumber with a sturdy concrete countertop finely sanded and smoothed. You can have storage drawers or cabinets custom-built underneath.

Six Star Designs

At Six Star Designs, whether you want concrete in your kitchen or any other design or customisation you want, we can build or renovate it for you. This is because we are the best at what we can do, providing all our clients with the best experience from start to finish. And not just kitchens, we can also create spaces that inspire your bathroom or commercial/office space. If your home is on the Gold Coast, or anywhere in Queensland, call us on 0401 488 456 or send us an enquiry at http://design.test/.

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