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Interior Decoration and Design Ideas for the Summer (Post-Christmas, of course)

minimalist modern interior with furniture and ceiling lights

Summer is quirky in Australia because it could mean Christmas decorations and a tree in the house. But for interior decoration and design ideas, you can spruce up your indoor space with these ideas and decorative touches that can be big or small.

Sing the blues

Did you know that blue and its shades have been voted as the top colour and interior decoration trend by an international who’s who of interior designers? Perhaps because blue is the colour of bright summer skies and sandy beaches. Use richer blues as an accent wall or try lighter blue on walls, linens, décor pieces, and furniture with a white backdrop.


Minimalism will always be an interior decoration and design trend, perhaps forever. Now that minimalism has grown in popularity, not only does it play with open spaces but also with sunlight, natural lighting, greenery, and pops of colour.


White, ivory, pale grey, and beige are all shades associated with summer and are also great all-year-round. They make for excellent backdrops on any wall or room for whatever colour schemes you want. Or your decors and furniture can also be in neutral colours for a uniform effect.

Add natural elements

With plant moms, dads, and families becoming a growing trend, natural greenery now becomes a big part of the overall décor in any room in the home. You can even swap out plants that will fit the seasons, so you need to do your homework on what indoor plants are great for the summer. 

Natural wood

Choose decors or furniture made of rattan, wicker, cane, and other wood hues that will make the home feel bohemian and summery. This material also brings elegance to any season of the year. If you want to go further, you can look for deeper and richer woods.

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