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Commercial Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Interiors

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Commercial interior design is a description of any interior design for commercial spaces, such as lobbies, offices, retail spaces, restaurants, etc. Because the purpose of a commercial space is defined by its interior, and not its exterior, so any kind of business will not achieve success if its interior design is not thought out well.

Smarter offices

Companies/businesses today need to find a balance between embracing the latest technology in some spaces while not using it in others. Advancements in technology now allow for saving energy while improving productivity, but spaces should also be provided for employees to step away from technology to improve moods and remove stress.

Dynamic workspaces

Many companies today are doing away with tiny cubicles that can stifle creativity. Instead, companies are opting for less formal and more adaptive workspaces. Traditional offices don’t even need a lot of renovation; it can mean just lowering cubicle walls to table height, painting boring walls with colour palettes or original aesthetics, or incorporating lounge spaces for employees to step away from their desks and break up the monotony.

Quirky combinations

Many interior designers today are going away from traditional and obvious clichéd themes and instead are creating their variety of unexpected quirky ideas to make spaces all the more unique. For instance, more offices are seeing the idea of non-matching floor tiles. If applied the right way, the look becomes great and colourful rather than bizarre. 


With many companies coming under increasing pressure to save on everything from electricity to paper, there is now much movement to promote eco-friendly commercial interior designs. Window glass before has been frowned on as a mark of energy inefficiency, but today, new advances in technology and window design means that glass and glassy looks are now becoming a staple for future eco-builds. For instance, many commercial buildings are now installing photovoltaic glass that contains solar cells incorporated directly into the window surface. Now, your windows can generate their own power instead of being a power sapper.

Six Star Designs

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