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Building Interior Design: Discover the Solid Benefits of a Concrete Home

concrete living room

Different materials for a new home can make a house look unique and offer some other benefits. However, one such material that is becoming popular for new homes is concrete. New concrete homes are fast becoming the modern take to the traditional brick and wood homes. And it’s not just about the building interior design and looks because concrete homes have solid benefits from this particular material.


Concrete homes are already proven in tropical regions frequently visited by storms and hurricanes. Concrete homes are even resistant to wind-borne debris and some tornadoes.

Energy efficiency

High energy prices make concrete homes more attractive. The thermal mass of the walls and tight joint seals enable concrete homes to keep conditioned air in and extreme temperatures out.

Temperature control

The tight concrete building envelope means that concrete homes have fewer cold and hot zones. There are also less drafts in concrete homes when windows and doors are kept closed.

Noise control

The walls of concrete homes effectively keep out noise from the outside.


Concrete homes seldom harbour insects, mould, and rot that are usually common with frame houses, leading to the start of deterioration. Concrete homes have had histories of building life expectancies that last decades, if not centuries.

Fire resistance

If the internal parts of the home catch fire, the concrete parts in the home won’t burn or enable the fire to spread.

Economic value

While it is true that concrete homes are more costly to construct than frame houses, once constructed, a concrete home saves a lot of money due to lower utility costs. There are also lower repair costs because of its longevity and durability.

Six Star Designs

Having been in the building industry and building interior design for over 20 years, Six Star Designs can help clients provide their best experience inside any concrete home. We can help clients create concrete designed spaces in the bathroom, kitchen, and even within commercial spaces for offices and businesses. For more information or enquiries, give us a call on 0401 488 456 or visit http://design.test/.

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