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Bathroom Design & Renovation

Undecided if you want to restyle or fully renovate? Six Star can help you with all of your needs. We love designing and creating a bathroom that fits the needs of every individual. 

Some key things to consider in a bathroom renovation is – 

Plumbing – Where your existing is and how cost effective will it be to change the orientation 

Flooring – Bathroom floors need to be waterproof, sleek and secure. With so many options out there be sure that Six Star can help with all of your selections, whether its tiles, vinyl, porcelain or timber. 

Walls – Ceramic tiles being the most prevalent fixture that comes to mind. Other options like Paint, PVC Wall Panels or Laminated Panels. 

Lighting – Placement is everything. Whether it be down lights, pendants or skylights, the vanity light is where the alchemy happens, so this is a key factor in creating your ideal space. 

Shower or Bath or Both – This all comes down to personal preference and what your needs are within the  household/space. We can help you decide what is best fit for your bathroom, ensuring we think about who will be  using the space. Children or elderly perhaps? This may make a difference in your decision. 

Toilets – One piece, two piece, compact, corner, wall mounted, water saving, dual flush. Don’t let this overwhelm you,  there is a toilet to suit ever desin that will allow this necessit to flow easil into the whole sace.

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